Powerful insights that build a solid foundation.
  • Improving domain authority.
  • On-page and off-page analysis. 
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  
  • Matching keywords for the content written on website pages.
  • Inserting trending keyword terms into your content.
  • Evaluating drop-down menus and site maps to ensuring matching.
  • Ensuring there are no 404 errors or redirects.
  • Measuring website photos to and making appropriate adjustments to image sizes.
  • Monitoring page load times.
  • Creating a back-link strategy.
  • Customer-journey evaluation.
  • Competitor website analysis.

Digital Marketing

Tailored solutions that are easy to understand, implement, measure and manage.
  • Process and Technology Audit.

  • Business Reputation and Business Listing Management.

  • Cross-channel Branding and Re-marketing Campaigns.

  • Website Audience Analytics and Analysis.

  • Platform Integrations (CRM, CX, Email, Automation Tools).

  • Customer Rewards Program Implementation.

  • Voice of Customer (VoC).

  • CMS Website Development.

  • SSL Encryption.


Coaching and Training

Partnership to support increased performance and productivity of your company in a consistent way.
  • Overall analysis of the business.
  • Developing efficient business plans and strategies.
  • Definition of objectives.
  • Introduction of new enterprising skills.
  • Developing efficient business plans and strategies.
  • Training of commercial teams.
  • Time management and productivity.
  • Company Team Building.
  • Creative planning.


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